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Pastor's Letter June 2015


On Pentecost Sunday, I spoke of a role of the Holy Spirit that I had not previously considered. The Holy Spirit empowers us to share the good news in a language that people will understand. In the passage that we heard from Acts 2, the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to speak languages of different countries and peoples so that they could take the good news out into the world beyond Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

Pastor Becky, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Canfield, OhioBut I was not saying that we would all of a sudden start speaking Spanish and French and Swahili if we prayed to the Holy Spirit. We face a different language barrier today. The issue is that we often talk about faith in a way that does not impact life as it is today. It is an issue of using images and language that we’ve used for years but is completely unfamiliar to those who have no faith background at all.

It is important that we understand, as the Pew Research Center recently reported a larger segment of our population doesn’t identify with any organized religion, that we can no longer rely upon the language to which we’ve grown accustomed all of these years. How frustrating is it when someone is speaking another language and you can’t understand or communicate with them? That is what happens when we use language that doesn’t connect in some way in everyday life as it is now.

The apostle Paul was well-known for using imagery that people would understand in his day… one body with many members, running the race of faith, a holy temple built of living stones, etc. His purpose was to help new believers understand the good news and what it meant for their lives. That is why we must pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for our communication of the gospel today. Pray that the Holy Spirit help us see the communication issues and reveal to us the real, meaningful ways to communicate the good news of Jesus here and now, both as a church and as individuals.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Becky

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