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Pastor's Letter March 2015

Pastor Becky Zielke Throughout the entire month of March, we will be observing the season of Lent. On Tuesday evenings, through the study Making Sense of the Cross we will discuss what the cross means, why it is so central to our faith. This will certainly prepare us for our observance of Holy Week at the beginning of April when we hear at least two accounts of Jesus’ path to the cross.

But I hope it takes us a step further, to help us understand how death can lead to life, how an ending can lead to a new beginning. We often see endings and death as the worst things that can happen in life. But believe it or not, that isn’t what our faith teaches us. The worst things in life would be living without love, living without God, having no hope, no promises of God upon which to rely. The worst thing would be if there was nothing after death; the worst thing would be if you were considered a total failure even if you only messed up one time and were doomed to be a failure for the rest of your life.

Because of the cross of Christ, however, endings can lead to new beginnings; death gives way to new life. It’s not an easy process by any means; that’s why we mourn endings, we mourn death. But we do not despair because we are a people of faith and hope. We are part of a story that has ups and downs, but it will never end. God’s salvation story goes on and on until the day when all of creation is made new. 

On Easter Sunday, the first Sunday of April, we will celebrate this gift of new life that Christ has given us through his death and resurrection. I wonder if any of you have a story of death and resurrection, of an ending that resulted in a new beginning that I could share on Easter Sunday? For the sake of clarification, when I say “death” I’m not just talking about a person who died. Many aspects of our lives can “die,” like relationships, future plans, hopes, beliefs, ways of understanding, habits, etc. Do you have a story in which a “death” in some part of your life led to newness of life?

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