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The Servant December 2016

Pastor's Letter
Our Advent Abservance

The Servant November 2016

Pastor's Letter
November Special Dates
Serving in Worship

The Servant October 2016

Pastor's Letter October 2016


Two weeks ago, I had the assembly who came together for Sunday worship answer this question: What do you think of when you hear the word “stewardship”? There was a wide variety of responses, a few of whom were not certain what stewardship is. If you want to check out these responses, they will be posted on the bulletin board in the back…

The Servant September 2016

Pastor's Letter Sept 2016


The Sunday after Labor Day has once again been designated as the “God’s Work. Our Hands” Day of Service. This is a day in which congregations are encouraged to participate in service-related projects. We do this remembering and celebrating our mission as the redeemed church of Christ…to love and serve our neighbors as God works through…

The Servant August 2016

Pastor's Letter August 2016

This year, as we hear gospel passages from the gospel of Luke in worship, we hear many times that Jesus was praying. On July 24th, then we heard the passage in which Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray just after they witness Jesus praying once again. Prayer is a VERY important part of our life of faith. I have been encouraging you to participate…

The Servant July 2016

Pastor's Letter - July 2016


In 1 Samuel 8, after ages of oversight by God and by judges appointed by God, the people of Israel decided they wanted a king. They told the prophet and judge Samuel to appoint a king to govern them just as kings govern other nations. When Samuel spoke to God about this, God is not pleased because God intended to be Israel’s king. But God…

The Servant June 2016

The Gathering Place

Monday, June 13, 2016 11:00 am at Lord of Life

Program: David Scott from Meals on Wheels. Very enlightening conversation. Lunch provided by Woodlands

Hope for Newport Community Garden

Come and be apart of the celebration of Food and Faith. June 4th, 2016 at 10:00 am Martin Luther Lutheran Church, 420 Clearmont Blvd, Youngstown, OH.…

The Servant May 2016

Pastor's Letter - May 2016


You may remember for a few months at the beginning of this year, I included prayer calendars to encourage us to pray for one another, to pray for local churches, to pray for social ministry organizations, to pray for leaders and volunteers of this congregation. Maybe it was because of studying the gospel of Luke or maybe it was because of some…

The Servant April 2016

Pastor's Letter


Have you been wondering what is up with the book of Revelation? Were you unable to attend the Bible study on Revelation in January and February? Did you attend the Bible study on Revelation but kinda forget some of what we discussed? If so, I have some good news for you!

In April and the beginning of May, we celebrate the season of Easter in worship.…

The Servant February 2016

The Servant - February 2016

PASTOR'S LETTER, February 2016

“…we confess to you and to one another, and before the whole company of heaven, that we have sinned by our fault, by our own fault, by our own most grievous fault…” Greetings!

In about a week, we begin the season of Lent with our Ash Wednesday observance. The words above are…

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