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First Sunday of Lent

I wonder if you have ever heard a child…or have been the child…who did something wrong and in an attempt to avoid punishment told the parents, “I will be good from now on, I promise, I won’t do it ever again.” Or, in an attempt to get something you really wanted, have you ever promised to do all your parents’ or your siblings’ chores, only to realize later that it was NOT worth it?

Ash Wednesday

What is reality today? It sure is hard to find. If you turn on the TV and find a reality show that is what the producers are claiming is “reality.” But just like we discovered about the WWF years ago, these shows are not reality. People act differently when there is a camera on them. In whose reality do a bunch of women sit around a mansion all day waiting to go out on a date with one guy? In whose…

Life Changing Experiences

This is it…the 4th week of our four-week series on 1 Corinthians.  Of course, there is a lot more to 1 Corinthians, but we’ve at least become somewhat familiar with this part.  One point I want you to remember really clearly from this series so far is the importance of relationships within the faith communities.  

Week one, Paul reminded followers that what you do in your life impacts…


This was most likely a familiar story to many of you who have heard it over and over each year when the Festival of Transfiguration comes around. Of course, the story is just a little different each year depending on the gospel from which we hear it…Mark or Luke or Matthew…but certain elements are similar…the mountain, Jesus, the three disciples, the brilliant glow, the booming voice from above.…

All things are lawful for me

For the next few weeks, I’d like to study the texts from 1 Corinthians with you.  We will hear a series of passages from 4 chapters of 1 Corinthians…6, 7, 8 and 9…between now at Transfiguration Sunday.  So let us get a sense of what Paul teaches in this well-known, often-quoted letter to the believers in Corinth.

Before we get specifically to the passage for today, I want to share…


Today, I’d like to talk to you about community.  Many of us, when we hear the word community, think of the community, the Canfield community, the Boardman community, the Austintown community, any group of people who live around us, who share a geographic location.  But that is only one definition of the word.  A community can be a group of people who share something in common and spend time together…


I’d like to talk to you today about being anointed, which we heard about in the lesson from Isaiah.  As Lutherans we don’t really talk about anointing very often…it tends to be more of a Pentecostal practice.  Except that it is in OUR Bible, so it must mean something to us.  And you will notice that we prayed in the Prayer of the Day that God’s Spirit would anoint us to testify to God’s…

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