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Fifth Sunday of Lent

This last week of Lent, we will once again focus on the Old Testament reading because it once again has to do with a covenant. Before we get into a more, I’d like you to take a moment and read over this passage from Jeremiah again. Just take a moment and read it silently to yourself. When you are finished, look up so I know when you’re done.

I hope that you notice first of all how beautiful…

Fourth Sunday of Lent

If you are confused by the story from Numbers, you are in good company, because so am I. My first thought when I saw this story this week was, what am I supposed to do with THIS after 3 weeks of talking about God’s covenants? This story was obviously put here this week so that we understand what Jesus meant in the gospel when he said, “And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so…

Third Sunday of Lent

A few weeks ago, I came across an article that stated that Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski dismissed Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon right in the midst of basketball season. Sulaimon was an important player, not a Bobby Hurley or Grant Hill but I knew his name and he was a great 3-point shooter for the team this year.

There were not many details immediately released to explain this sudden…

Second Sunday of Lent

We don’t use the word “covenant” very often any more. As I said last week, we talk more about promises or contracts but rarely about covenants. Actually, the settings in which I’ve heard the word covenant most frequently have been in faith circles. Members of a church covenant with each other to work toward a common goal or support a project. Parents of Confirmation students covenant to be supportive…

First Sunday of Lent

I wonder if you have ever heard a child…or have been the child…who did something wrong and in an attempt to avoid punishment told the parents, “I will be good from now on, I promise, I won’t do it ever again.” Or, in an attempt to get something you really wanted, have you ever promised to do all your parents’ or your siblings’ chores, only to realize later that it was NOT worth it?

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