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The Servant July 2016

Pastor's Letter - July 2016


In 1 Samuel 8, after ages of oversight by God and by judges appointed by God, the people of Israel decided they wanted a king. They told the prophet and judge Samuel to appoint a king to govern them just as kings govern other nations. When Samuel spoke to God about this, God is not pleased because God intended to be Israel’s king. But God instructs Samuel to appoint a king anyway, because that is what the people demanded. Even though it was not God’s intention, since the people were so intent upon it, God gave them that for which they asked. If you read the stories of the kings, there are some good points, but there was also a lot of strife.

For us today, it has already been a long election season. We’ve been hearing debates and attacks for months and yet we are only now coming upon the general election season, when the candidates for the major parties are starting to campaign against each other. There is so much information from many different sources, some reliable some not reliable, about why each candidate will be good or bad for the country. It appears to me that with such an important decision in front of us, prayer needs to be a big part of our decision-making process.

You may have noticed a prayer petition in the Prayers of Intercession that will appear each week until November. It says this: “Holy Spirit, our wisdom and guide, as we discern who to choose as our next president, we pray that you give us the leader that we need, not the one we want.” The wording of this petition was informed by the story from 1 Samuel 8, the understanding that sometimes we pray for what we want, but it isn’t really what we need because we don’t really know what we need. But God always knows what is best.

We all have our thoughts and opinions about what is best. I know I do. But my vision, our vision is not as broad as God’s vision. Our wisdom is not as wise as the wisdom of God. So at this time that we are being bombarded by information, some accurate, some not, it is important that we rely on the vision and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide us in this very important decision. I encourage us all to pray this prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in discerning what we need, rather than relying on our own limited vision. Praying in this way is a great practice in humility for us, reminding us of our great need for God’s guidance in many facets of life.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Becky

Gathering Place

Monday, July 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM.

Bridget Lackey, Representing Mercy Health's Community Outreach Program will speak on Nutrition. Lunch is provided by The Woodlands at Hampton Woods. Spread the word and bring your friends!

Stories In The Park

Join us in Greasal Park in Canfield (on Winona Ave) for Stories in the Park on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in July. Bring a chair, your Bible and a drink if it is hot. If it is raining or there is the threat of bad weather, we will meet at the church. Here are some of your suggested characters for study:
July 6- Jonah
July 13-Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany
July 20-Paul
July 27-Elijah and Jezabel

Prayer on the Green

In July, Pastor Susan Brown of Canfield Methodist Church will begin a gathering for prayer at the gazebo on the Green in the middle of Canfield on Wednesdays at Noon. Everyone is welcome to come together for prayer in the middle of the week, in the middle of town.

Gatherings At Pastor’s House

Pastor and Robert invite you to a gathering at their house this summer. The purpose of these gatherings is for fellowship as well as a mid-year check-in on how we are doing as a church. There are currently 2 opportunities available:
July 10th 1:30-3:30 pm
July 24th 1:30-3:30 pm

Dates and times for August gatherings are soon to come for those who cannot make one of these. Please sign up on the sheet in the Narthex (Gathering Space). Pastor and Robert will provide snacks and drinks…all you have to bring is yourself!

Thrivent Coffee Hour

Please join us on August 14th following worship as we chat with Dominick Russo from Thrivent Financial. He will give a brief Temple Talk during worship and will be available to answer any questions or concerns after worship.

Beyond Our Doors

School Kits for Lutheran World Relief - July, August and September.

Imagine being a child going back to school without even paper and pencils. YOU can help through Lutheran World Relief. Sales will start soon. The list of items is below. Whatever you give - one or a few items - will be a help! Thanks!

School Kits

A Lutheran World Relief school kit may provide the only supplies for children returning to school after the disruption of war. School kits help parents continue their children’s education, even while living in a refugee camp, for example. A school kit may also be used in adult literacy classes. The following list is what we need to make full kits.
- 4 per kit - 70 sheet notebooks of ruled paper approximately 8 1/2” x 10 1/2” (please no loose leaf paper)
- One 30-centimeter ruler, or a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other
- One pencil sharpener

Lord of Life Online

Just a reminder that your church is active on Facebook and the internet. We have two Facebook pages, “Lord of Life Lutheran Church” and Lord of Life Lutheran Church Canfield”.

The Canfield page is a closed group that you can join by “friending” Pastor Becky, who will add you to the group. Please take some time to explore our Facebook pages as well as our internet site http://lordoflifecanfield.com.

In this “online age”, these facilities are key to our reaching the general public a well as providing communications to our members. We welcome any feedback, if you have comments or questions, please call Woody Gingery at 330-539-3323 or email me at Wgingery@hotmail.com.

Thank you!

The Spring and Summer Fellowship Meal Teams wish to thank all Lord of Life family and friends who shared a Dad's Day breakfast together. It was a delight to see our Fellowship space filled in celebration of Father's Day and in enjoyment of a tasty meal. In gratitude for blessings received, our outreach donation of $108 was contributed to Operation Blessing.

Participating in the planning, preparation and clean-up were: Ruth Allen, Pat & Larry Cohol, The Drotleff Family, Betty & Chuck Dysert, the Fekety Family, Jim Francosky, Mary Ann Frank, Rose and Keith Hipple, Carol & Rick Kershner, Barb & Tick Loitwood, Sheila & John Massie, Judy & John McCartney, the Monk Family, Maribeth & David Pickens, Doris & Dick Puerner, Traudi & Bryan Reed, Barb Rinda, Kay Welch, the West Family and the Williams/Parker Family.

Dear Church Office

Please accept our check to honor “Doc” Bob Reynolds on his retirement from Veterinary Practice. He is our son-inlaw, married to our daughter, Amy. He is such an exceptional man, so kind and gentle.

Please use this with him in mind.

Thank you very kindly,
Betsy and Ronald Harris


The Servant is published for you with your news in it! If you have something to share, please have the information ready and in the office before the deadline posted on the calendar that is included in The Servant. Thank you!

Keeping you in the know

Congratulations Graduates!

... Rachael Eash who graduated from Austintown Fitch High School. Rachael is the daughter of Jon and Jackie Eash and granddaughter of Don and Bonnie Eash. Rachael’s plans are to attend Kent State University in the fall.

...Samantha Eash who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kent State University. Samantha is also the daughter of Jon and Jackie Eash and granddaughter of Don and Bonnie Eash. Samantha will be working as a technical writer for the Graco Company in North Canton, OH.

...Lauren Boucherle who graduated from Ohio State University in 2015 and is completing Dietetic Internship at West Virginia University Hospitals in Morgantown, WV. Lauren is the daughter of Jayne and Paul Boucherle, and grandaughter of Jim Duffett. Lauren will be seeking employment in Columbus as a Registered Dietician following her internship.

...Britney Drotleff who graduated from Florida State University (Tallahassee) with a major in Advertising and Fine Arts. Britney is the daughter of Dave and Wendy Drotleff, granddaughter of Mary Lou Drotleff and niece of Barb and Tom Drotleff. Britney began work as a layout artist at Arnold Advertising Agency in Boston, MA. on June 1.

... Anmarie Moucha who graduated from Columbus State Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Anmarie is the daughter of Janet and Dan Moucha and granddaughter of Lorinda and Danny Moucha.

We wish these graduates much success!

Lawn Mowing – July 2016 Schedule

Please be in contact with your team member. We ask that you try to mow between Thursday and Saturday afternoon (weather permitting).
Gas will be replenished by Art Thomas.
It’s important to keep tractors and mowers in good repair. If you have a problem please contact the church office (330-533-3531) or Bob Dean (330-533-0006).The church office is open every week day from 9am – 1pm and a key can be picked up there. If you do not have a key, keys to the church can be found on the red key ring in the middle desk drawer in the church office on Sunday morning When task is completed, please return keys to the drawer. (Carriage House needs to be locked with the key – door does not lock automatically).

If you are unable to mow during your assigned week please call someone on the below list to trade weeks.

The May/June schedule is as follows:
June 26 - July 2 Bill Bienke and Larry Cohol
July 3 - July 9 Howard Loitwood and Joe Markovitch
July 10 - July 16 Bob Allen and Bob Dean
July 17 - July 23 Eric Peterson and Art Thomas
July 24 - July 30 Kurt Beler and John Massie

Bob Allen 330-618-7375 - Howard Loitwood 330-270-0308
Kurt Beler 330-533-6054 - Joe Markovitch 330-727-1046
Bill Bienke 330-509-5150 - John Massie 330-702-1366
Bob Dean 330-518-4607 - Harry Pancher 330-533-3669
Tom Drotleff 330-533-4527 - Eric Peterson 330-718-1486
Larry Cohol 330-792-0642 - Art Thomas 330-792-3250
Thank you for volunteering your time and talent!

Connection Point: June 14th 7:00pm Recap

Who attended: Ruth Allen, Dick Puerner, Doris Puerner, their granddaughter Bree, & Tom Drotleff.

Focus of June’s interest gathering: The physical grounds of our Church Family’s property. Needs constant attention/upkeep/ maintenance. The Support Board consists of Joe Markovitch, Bob Allen & Bob Dean. They can help guide and facilitate any questions or concerns regarding our property.

Highlights of the informal discussion are as follows:
-In years past some of the fundraising proceeds were used to help with upkeep costs.
-Seasonal walk-throughs of our property can help uncover concerns that need attention.
Such as:
- Playground area, (which Bree enjoyed.) Eventually will need power washed/painted and canopy.
- Privet Hedge ( Should be cut way back, to allow 2x a season manageable trimming)
- Estimates of landscaping companies doing this were very costly.
- Prayer Garden and Memorial Trees – maintain weeding and proper edging to ease mowers efforts.
- Crabtree by driveway is dead and will need removed. (The dead leaves are a constant nuisance on the steps)
- Holly bushes in front of Sanctuary doors will eventually need trimmed.
- Parking Lot Islands, Goal is to provide constant “ Welcoming “Color and seasonal variety of flowers. Encourage members to cut flowers and be aware of Perennial exchanges.
- Other Note: Ron Knarr has plenty of woodchips, we could use.
- Volunteer Lawn mowers- Very thankful for making our property so “ Welcoming.”
- Final thoughts: It was wonderful to hear some of the historical transitions of the property and Ruth’s new enthusiastic comments. Just like any Home, if you see something that needs done. Please take the initiative to do it.

Connection Point July Focus: Caring for Our Church Family

When: July 12th at 7:00pm – 7:59pm
Where : Lord of Life
Some background: Council finished up a membership roster review.
Personal notes were sent to those who we haven’t heard from or seen in awhile.
Council wants to establish an ongoing process for maintaining contact will all of our church family.
Who should attend this fellowship gathering? Anyone that has ideas and a caring heart. We would like your personal input and discussion on ways to ensure a caring mindset.

Kindness manifests in a lot of ways, such as acts of compassion, helpfulness, empathy, forgiveness, and caring. These gestures kindle and ignite feelings of love.

Trash and Treasure Sale - Canfield Ohio

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