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The Servant June 2016

The Gathering Place

Monday, June 13, 2016 11:00 am at Lord of Life

Program: David Scott from Meals on Wheels. Very enlightening conversation. Lunch provided by Woodlands

Hope for Newport Community Garden

Come and be apart of the celebration of Food and Faith. June 4th, 2016 at 10:00 am Martin Luther Lutheran Church, 420 Clearmont Blvd, Youngstown, OH. Planned activities are planting new vegetable plants, cutting cardboard for walking rows and spreading mulch. Bring the following items: a trowel, garden gloves, a lawn chair and your good energy and helping spirit. Lunch and drinking water will be provided. Please RSVP to Pastor David Kamphuis at 330-788-8707.

Prayer Petition Writing

How would YOU like to learn to write prayer petitions for the Prayers of Intercession that we use in worship? Here is your chance! Join Pastor on Tuesday nights in June at 6:30 pm to learn how the Prayers of Intercession are written.

These prayers are also called the Prayers of the Church or the Prayers of the People because it is intended to be our collective prayer for the concerns of the world, the community and life. The prayers we currently use are written by ELCA members throughout the country at least a year in advance. Wouldn’t it be nice to use prayers that are more timely and contextual? Join us on Tuesdays in June to work together in this effort!

Pastor's Letter June 2016

Serving In Worship June 2016


Special Dates June 2016

Keeping you in the know June 2016


Stories in the Park - Your Suggestions Needed!

We will begin our Bible study in Greasal Park on Wednesdays in July. But this year, Pastor seeks YOUR help to decide what to study. We will focus on the stories of people in the Bible this year. There will be a basket and little slips of paper on the round table in the Narthex. Write the name of a Biblical figure that you would like to study and put it in the basket. Pastor will choose from the suggestions that you submit. All ages are welcome to submit suggestions and join us for Stories in the Park!

Thank You

...to all who gave items for the Personal Care Kits and Oesterlen.

Thank you for all the care and support you have given me through your cards, e-mails and kind words and hugs. They enable me to keep putting one foot in front of the other at this time. Losing John has left a big hole in my heart. Feeling you prayers is very helpful to me.
Judy Camp

"I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for my Mom while she was in the hospital. She also was very happy when she received the card you sent recently. She has recovered well from her fall and has moved into an assisted living apartment. Again, thank you!
Woody Gingery

Dear Church Family,
Thanks so much for the prayer shawl for George. It is so beautiful! He already used it. How very kind and thoughtful!
Love in Christ,
George and Joye Lange

If you have not read the letter from Chris Williams posted in the fellowship hall please do! Chris has written a very nice letter about his experiences in Michigan. Please take a moment to read this and all the tidbits on the bulletin board!

School Kits for Lutheran World Relief

in July, August and September. When sales on school supplies begin, we will be gathering items for children who would be without even the basic necessities. Look for details in the July Servant.

Graduate Recognition

This year we would like to publicly recognize our graduates during worship. We will recognize graduates and send them into their next phase of life with God's blessings on June 12 at 10:15 worship. If you are graduating from high school or from another institution of higher learning, please plan to attend this recognition and celebration in YOUR honor.

Please, also fill out the following information and submit it to the church office (in offering plate or mail to the church 550 N. Broad Street; Canfield, OH 44406) for inclusion in the bulletin and Servant.

Graduate's Name:
School graduating from:
Attending grad recognition (y/n):
Plans following graduation:

Dad's Day Fellowship Meal!

Join your church family and friends for a Fellowship Meal on June 19th (Father's Day) immediately following 10:15 worship.

Hosted by the Spring & Summer Meal Teams, we will provide a tasty summer brunch for all to enjoy. Invite special Dads, friends and family to worship at 10:15 and the meal to follow.

A Star is Born!

We had the pleasure of attending Amanda Monk’s Dance and Gymnastic Recital on May 28th. This was the second recital I have attended. Aman-da has worked hard and come a long way! We loved her dance routine but were especially enthralled with her gymnastic performance. Back-bends, one handed cartwheels, and standing splits were the highlights of the routine and was very well received by the crowd as evidenced by the loud cheers that followed the performance.

If you or your child has any extracurricular activities, please let your church family know! You may be surprised at the interest our congregation may have!

Beyond Our Doors

Canfield City June 15th Town Hall

Dear Canfield citizens:

As you may know, Canfield is one of the safest cities in Mahoning Valley, in Ohio and in the U.S. Recent cuts in State funding and other revenue reductions places us in jeopardy. We need to keep Canfield safe for all, especially our most vulnerable; our children and seniors. Please attend our June Town Hall. It is a critically important meeting. Our city is at a cross road. The decisions we make now will affect us for years to come.
Mayor Bernie Kosar

What: Canfield City Town Hall
When: 6:30 PM - Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Where: MCCTC Joyce Brooks Center
7300 N. Palmyra Rd. Canfield, Ohio 44406
Who: Canfield City Families
Why: Celebrate Canfield and Discuss the Future of our City

How: Agenda –
Recognition and Award Presentations
2015 Canfield City Questionnaire Results
Presented by CHS Honor Students
David Hofsess and Jacob Esarco
State of the City by Mayor Kosar
Q & A with City Council
Close 7:45 PM

Synod Symposium May 13 & 14, 2016

Bob Dean and I attended this conference. It was a well organized event and time constraints were well adhered to. Bishop Allende and all those who participated in leading the event are invigorated by doing God’s work. There were breakout sessions that we wished could have lasted a bit longer. It was interesting to take part in another level of the ELCA. Bringing so many congregations together to share in the joys and challenges we all face is a worthwhile undertaking. We recommend attending this event if the opportunity presents itself. We would like to thank the congregation for enabling us to attend. Submitted by Jayne Boucherle


Congratulations to Lauren Boucherle, daughter of Jayne and Paul Boucherle, granddaughter of Jim Duffett, who graduated from The Ohio State University in 2015 and is completing Dietetic Internship at West Virginia University Hospitals in Morgantown, WV. Lauren will be seeking employment in Columbus as a Registered Dietician following her Internship.

Congratulations to Britney Ottavio Drotleff who graduated from Florida State University (Tallahassee) with a major in Advertising and Fine Arts. Britney is the daughter of David and Wendy Drotleff, granddaughter of Mary Lou Drotleff and niece of Barb and Tom Drotleff. Britney begins work as a layout artist June 1 at Arnold Advertising Agency in Boston, MA.

We wish these ladies good luck in their future endeavors!

Lawn Mowing - June 2016 Schedule

Please be in contact with your team member. We ask that you try to mow between Thursday and Saturday afternoon (weather permitting). Gas will be replenished by Art Thomas.

It’s important to keep tractors and mowers in good repair. If you have a problem please contact the church office (330-533-3531) or Bob Dean (330-533-0006).

The church office is open every week day from 9am – 1pm and a key can be picked up there. If you do not have a key, keys to the church can be found on the red key ring in the middle desk drawer in the church office on Sunday morning When task is completed, please return keys to the drawer. (Carriage House needs to be locked with the key – door does not lock automatically). If you are unable to mow during your assigned week please call someone on the below list to trade weeks.

The May/June schedule is as follows:
May 22 - May 28 Bill Bienke and Larry Cohol
May 29 - June 4 Howard Loitwood and Joe Markovitch
June 5 - June 11 Bob Allen and Bob Dean
June 12 - June 18 Eric Peterson and Art Thomas
June 19 – June 25 Kurt Beler and John Massie


Bob Allen 330-618-7375
Howard Loitwood 330-270-0308
Kurt Beler 330-533-6054
Joe Markovitch 330-727-1046
Bill Bienke 330-509-5150
John Massie 330-702-1366
Bob Dean 330-518-4607
Harry Pancher 330-533-3669
Tom Drotleff 330-533-4527
Eric Peterson 330-718-1486
Larry Cohol 330-792-0642
Art Thomas 330-792-3250

Thank you for volunteering your time and talent!

Connection Point

June Connection Point : Our Church Family’s Home
Date: June 14th
Time: 7:00 to 7:59
Purpose : Gardening/Discussion/Fellowship

Connection Point is a once a monthly discussion for you to bring your ideas to the table. This month’s topic—Our Church Home Property. Each month we will focus on one topic only. If this topic interests you and you have input now is your chance to help your church family! June Connection Point will be hosted by Woody Gingery and Tom Drotleff.

Upcoming Events


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