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The Servant April 2016

Pastor's Letter


Have you been wondering what is up with the book of Revelation? Were you unable to attend the Bible study on Revelation in January and February? Did you attend the Bible study on Revelation but kinda forget some of what we discussed? If so, I have some good news for you!

In April and the beginning of May, we celebrate the season of Easter in worship. On the seven Sundays of Easter (and at Saturday worship), we have a different passage from Revelation assigned as the Second Reading. So, I will be focusing my sermons on those readings for the next seven weeks! Revelation is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted books of the Bible. Join us as we explore it together.

The first step to understanding Revelation is putting it in the context in which it was written. In his book Revelation and the End of All Things, Dr. Craig Koester, a professor at Lutheran Seminary says this:
“Futuristic interpreters tend to read Revelation as if it begins, ‘John, to the Christians in North America, who live in the twenty-first century,’ assuming that Revelation is primarily a book for those living at the end of time. Most scholars today, however, note that Revelation begins, ‘John, to the seven churches that are in Asia’ (Rev 1:4). To take this statement literally means that Revelation is primarily a book for its own time, and that it was written to communicate with Christian congregations in first century Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).”

Does that mean that Revelation doesn’t apply to us today? Not at all. But reading Revelation in its original context is a great reminder that people had similar struggles with life and faith then as we do now. And there is a message in Revelation to encourage people of faith in all times and places. So join us for worship throughout the season of Easter and find out more about Revelation.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Becky

Adult Education

We will continue Adult Education time after Sunday worship beginning again on April 3rd. The topic is yet to be announced. Keep an eye out in the weekly announcements!

We will pick up with Wednesday Bible study on Wednesday April 6th at 10:30 am. We will be doing an overview of the whole Bible, using a combination of curriculums. Hope to see you there!

Personal Care Kits

Imagine that you have lost your home and everything in it in a flood or tornado - and that all around your neighbors’ homes are destroyed, too. Imagine not having a way to comb your hair or clean your teeth - or soap or a towel or nail file to clean yourself or repair your nails after scratching your way through the remains of your home in the hope of finding something that can be saved.

Then imagine being handed a kit containing the most basic needs for personal care.

Now imagine yourself being the who gave the items for that hope-renewing, potentially even life saving kit. You can be that person - during April and May at Lord of Life. Look for the basket in the narthex and take a copy of the list of items needed (also listed below). The kits will be distributed by Lutheran World Relief; a crucial ministry of the Northeast Ohio Synod and the ELCA. Thank you very much!

Personal Care Kits

- One hand towel, dark color recommended
- One wash cloth, dark color recommended
- One bath size bar of soap, any brand, in its original packaging
- One adult size toothbrush in its original packaging
- One comb, wide tooth preferred, remove packaging
- One metal nail file or nail clippers with file attached, remove packaging
- Six Band-Aids (or similar brand), preferably ½” to ¾”, secure together

Gathering Place

Monday April 11, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.
Program: Speaker from the Canfield Police Department.
Lunch is provided by the Woodlands.

This is a free community outreach social program offered to all senior citizens that is held on the second Monday of the month every month. Different games and activities are offered each month. Come out and join us in a fulfilling afternoon of fun and socialization! Spread the word and bring your friends! We are here for you!

Contact person for these events: Bernadette Beler at 330-533-6045 or Church at 330-533-3531

Victory Lutheran Food Bank Breakfasts - Feeding the hungry!

April 23, May 28 and June 25

Breakfast for hungry folks is being served at Victory Lutheran on the fourth Saturday of April, May and June, rain or shine, even in the bitter cold. Folks in need come to receive a bag of food from the Victory Lutheran Food Bank and a hot breakfast served by Lord of Lifers. We need YOUR help to serve these breakfasts. Five people are required from 8:30 a.m. to noon for each breakfast. Sign up sheets for the 3 months can be found in the narthex. Please sign to serve! Up to 180 people are served at each breakfast. The cost of providing this meal each month is $175 - and rising! Your financial support of this Lord of Life outreach ministry will be greatly appreciated! Checks are made payable, to Lord of Life and noted for Lutheran Breakfasts.

Lawn Mowers needed!

It’s that time again! Lawn mowing season! There are three ways you can help!

A sign up sheet is available in the narthex. You can sign to serve on a weekly rotating schedule or sign to mow once or twice during the season or you can donate money for gas and upkeep of the mowers. A special thank you to Kurt Beler for seeing that the property was well-manicured for our Holy Week and Easter services.


Just a reminder that as a Lord of Life member, if you have been hospitalized, for at least an over-night, to call Pastor Becky or the office to make them aware of your hospital stay. Our outreach ministry has a program called Meals-to-the-Sick, coordinated by Kay Welch, which arranges for a meal to be delivered to your home. We encourage you to take advantage of this.

Connection Corner

Located in the fellowship space on the coffee table is a wicker holder with blank cards in it. Please feel free to use these to offer greetings to people you would like to thank or who you haven’t seen in a while or who are ill to wish them well and let them know you are thinking about them. We plan to keep the holder stocked with cards. If you have any cards that you would like to leave, bring them in and put on the table. This is a great way to stay in touch with YOUR church family.

Beyond Our Doors

A Marriage Encounter - Weekend of Discovery!

Beachwood, OH April 15, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - April 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Enjoy a weekend of discovery with your spouse. The relaxed, “unplugged” atmosphere of the Weekend will enhance your experience as you work together for 44 hours learning loving and effective communica-tion techniques that will improve your relationship.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have already reserved rooms for this event at the hotel, and will send this information to you once you are registered, so you do not need to make a hotel reservation yourself. Two nights lodging, three meals on Saturday (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and two meals on Sunday (breakfast and lunch) are included in your reservation.

COST: An application fee of $100 is required when you apply. The amount Marriage Encounter must pay the venue for your lodging, meals, and program costs (usually averaging $450 per couple, depending on prevailing lodging and food costs) is explained on the Weekend. You will then be given the opportunity to make a freewill donation to Marriage Encounter to help offset these costs. We will appreciate any donation you can make. Lutheran Marriage Encounter is a 501(c)3 organization that depends entirely on couple contributions to continue this ministry.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Be sure to indicate any special dietary or medical needs on your application.

Need more information? godlovesmarriage.org. We look forward to seeing you! Application deadline: April 1, 2016.

Happy Birthday to John Bauman

John ‘s Birthday is April 10th. Please send a card to wish him a very happy birthday and let him know his church family is thinking of him. His address is:
John Bauman - Capital Oaks 220, 6489 Ray Rd., Raleigh, NC 27613

Easter Gratitude - 2016

Many, many thanks to those who joined together to provide meaningful worship from Palm Sunday through Easter!

Gratitude to:
Pastor Becky and Tim Elder who began planning for these worship opportunities months ago.
Sanctuary Choir who also (following Tim’s direction) have spent months of weekly rehearsals perfecting their gifts of music.
Worship Board working with Pastor Becky and Tim to create new meth-ods of enriching ancient rites of praising God.
Altar Guild/Liturgical Arts provides the appropriate environment for each of 6 worships in 8 days (4 with communion) plus foot washing and strip-ping the altar on Maundy Thursday.
Dan Balint (our sexton) is required to set up, take down and keep neat and tidy all the areas of our building needed for 8 special worship Opportunities during Holy Week.
Church Office (Barb Drotleff) provides bulletins that members and visitors alike need for all eight services.
Friday Folders faithfully come each Friday throughout the year plus spend extra time to assemble bulletins for each worship during Holy Week.
Children’s Egg Hunt, although not a form of worship – it certainly is a wonderful example of fellowship for our children.
YOU! As an attender, you are a vital part of this fellowship of believers. Thank you for your presence!

Now – names to put with each of these tasks:
Egg Hunt Coordinators: Pam Parker & Shelly Calvin McIlvaine Caitlin Egan, Bill and Janet Egan, Sandy Calvin and Bob McIlvaine.
A huge thank you to those who donated candy and eggs!

Lord of Life Sanctuary Choir

Soprano - Carol Kershner, Barb Rinda, Judy McCartney
Tenor- Judy Camp, Art Thomas
Alto - Sheila Massie, Diane Oliva, Norma Thomas, Vangie McDorman
Bass - Larry Cohol, Bill Reader

Participating in Worship:

Bob Allen, Bernadette Beler, Bill Beinke, Judy Camp, Barb Drotleff, Mary Lou Drotleff, Tom Drotleff, Jim Duffett, Betty Dysert, Chuck Dysert, Bridget Fekety, Kayla Fekety, Ron Fekety, Caroline Griswold, Glenn Griswold Jr., Marion Kalasky, Lori Kavanaugh, Rick Kershner, Diane Malloy, Bob McIlvaine, Art Thomas, Norma Thomas

Passion Readers

Bob Allen, Barb Drotleff, Betty Dysert, Diane Malloy, Vangie McDorman, Bryan Reed, Traudi Reed, Bob Reynolds, Pastor Becky

Special Music

Abbey Eash - Viola

Altar Guild/Liturgical Arts

Judy Camp – Created new banners for Easter, Set up for Service of Prayer and Healing, Set up for Easter Vigil.

Art & Norma Thomas - Setting up, ordering and picking up flowers, at church each day of Holy Week responding to a variety of needs and tasks needing to be accomplished.

Altar Guild - Barb Drotleff, Marion Kalasky, Norma Thomas, Debbie Williams, Diana Williams

Communion Bread- Toni Griswold, Vangie McDorman, Debbie Williams

Communion Wine - Harry Pancher

Friday Folders: Betty Dysert, Margaret Fieger, Amy Monk

Many thanks to Mary Lou Drotleff, Chuck Dysert and Amanda Monk for your help during CRUNCH time!

Easter Vigil Reception and Easter Morning Fellowship coordinators: Pat Cohol and Mary Lou Drotleff

Thank you also to Larry Cohol, Tom Drotleff, Danny Drotleff and Ashley Durr for changing the lighting in the fellowship hall.

I apologize if I have forgotten anyone! So many stepped up to the plate to help! It was truly a beautiful week of services!

Beyond our Doors

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